February 2, 2009

Yeah, never mind.

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:15 pm by Rebecca Crochets

The Three Yarntini Luncheon was cancelled by the festival organizer late Friday despite our best arguments and pleading. Turns out 75 pre-registered attendees with one week to still register are apparently not enough.

We’re disappointed that all our efforts have now resulted in nothing, and that the charities that we were supporting will be the bigger losers.



  1. knitsburgh said,

    You must all be so devastated. I am so sorry that all your hard work will be for nothing. I’m sure all those who had planned on attending your lovely Saturday afternoon luncheon are really disappointed too. Is your cousin still coming?

  2. Rebecca said,

    Thanks for the kind words. We are devastated, and many of the people who were planning on attending have said they were disappointed to hear it was cancelled.

  3. megon said,

    I am sorry that your luncheon was cancelled, there will be other opportunities for you out there.

    My name is Megon, I am the President of Daiseys and Cubs, a non profit that donates baby blankets, afghans, lap blankets, etc to local and distant charities, battered women’s shelter, foster children, nursing home, and homeless shelters. I have volunteers all over the US that work with me to reach as many people as possible. Would love you to join us, and volunteer if it is something that interests you. Please visit our website for more information on who we are! http://www.daiseysandcubs.com

    You have some beautiful projects. I love the Noah’ Ark blanket. I have been searching for the pattern to make for my grandson! I missed that issue, and it is VERY hard to find.

    Respectfully, Megon

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