November 22, 2008

The Week in Crochet

Posted in Charity, Kitties at 1:02 pm by Rebecca Crochets

Well, it’s a few days later than Thursday, but here I am again! And I’ve made some progress with a few charity projects. Even they have deadlines, and Diane has been nudging me to finish the scarves for the Winter Special Olympics. I turned in the first one last Saturday. This is one that I started while watching a hockey game on Thursday. This type of strip in the round is usually called “Mile a Minute” and it does go pretty fast. You can make a few strips like this and join them to make an afghan. It’s pretty versatile.

Mile a minute

I wish I could say that I was enjoying the yarn required by the charity. It’s a scratchy acrylic. While the white was softer than the blue, I can’t really imagine wearing these comfortably or for warmth.

So, at least let’s make them FUN! I still had yarn left over, and I vowed that all of it would be used up. (I’m not stashing any of it.) Here’s the start of the next scarf:


And a few hours later, Puck is enjoying the pansies:


He was having such a good time, getting under the scarf, sniffing it, and laying on it, that of ALL the pictures I took, this is the one that best shows the scarf. The others mostly show the cat:


See what I mean?


After this was done, I started another since I still had yarn left. I’m pleased to say that this is what’s left of the blue now.


I’ll add some white flowers between these blue ones to make a scarf and call this charity project finished!

Of course, I can’t throw away that little bit of blue, so I’ll be using it up for a sweater for a tree. As anyone who’s local knows, it’s been a cold(!!) past week or two, and shouldn’t our currently leafless friends be the recipient of some hand-crafted goods? Now, before you think I’m crazy, it’s really an art installation coordinated by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Scroll down to “Hand Made” or just look for the tree in its pretty sweater. I plan to take all the scraps I have gathered, knot them together, and crochet a few strips. I’ll leave the knots and ends untrimmed and unburied to add some visual interest. Who knows? Perhaps the birds will like it, and visit the lonely, leafless tree during the cold winter, bringing it some cheer!



  1. Perry said,

    The yarn will soften up once it’s washed… love how involved your furkid is! 🙂


  2. Susan said,

    Beautiful blue scarf and the flowers.

  3. robin said,

    I love the pansy scarf – where did you get the pattern?

  4. CrochetKnitRip said,

    Thanks for the comments/compliments! I had a fun time making the pansy scarf, even though there were so many ends to weave in. I got the pattern for the pansy motif from a Japanese book of motifs, but joined them in one long line instead of in a grid. Puck just loves to sit next to me, and sometimes gets “involved”. He often roots through my project bags, looking for balls to steal and hide.

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