July 30, 2008

And now it’s injured!

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:44 pm by Rebecca Crochets

Again, I have fractured my hand. This time it’s the right thumb. I am officially declaring 2008 the “Year of the Hand Fracture!” In January, I fractured the left hand’s fifth metacarpal while dressing. This time the right, while catching a foul ball at the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Stitch ‘N’ Pitch. Sadly, I did not end up with the ball, due to the quickly-dropping-the-ball action that immediately followed the catching-the-ball action. Perhaps it does not technically qualify as catching then, but it makes me feel better since all I have to show for it is two weeks in a splint and a thumb sprain too!

But in other news, I just helped my cousin, Robyn of Crochet by Faye, with the crocheting of a cute item she designed. Though I don’t know where it’s off to, I do know that it was fun to crochet and fast as well.

Yes, I did this with the fracture/sprain, but that was before I knew it was there. And definitely before I got the Splint-that-inhibits-all-necessary-movement! Crocheting it was easy, now I can barely put my socks on!

Tune in later for events that will help us all celebrate “Year of the Hand Fracture”! I’m thinking some synchronized nose scratching ala “Hands Across America”, or splint chucking. Though that event won’t be held until August 8th, if I don’t ditch it before then! Suggestions welcome for other events, but please consider they must be accessible. There will be no thumb wrestling, I assure you!


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  1. Susan said,

    Whatever you crocheted for your cousin above is really pretty. Is she working on another book? I saw the sweater pattern (the one you crocheted for her last summer) come up on Ravelry and was so excited to see it!

    I’m glad your thumb is better. I heard you came to the SnB group last week. I’ll be there tonight!

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