March 6, 2008

Done with 2 ounces to spare

Posted in Charity, Ravelry at 10:39 am by Rebecca Crochets

Well, the toddler’s sweater is done and I had 2 ounces left of the red yarn. I’m not sure why I was so worried. I’m glad I continued with the project though there were times when I thought I would be changing things on the fly. I do that quite frequently.

One of the charity projects that I’m working on now is a good case in point. Lyn from my crochet group and I got together to sort all the donated yarn we received from Ravelry members of the Steel City Fiber Arts group. They gave us over 220 balls of yarn and 29 cones! Thank you so very much, guys!

Well, we sorted the yarns by fiber and color then bagged them up like little project kits. This bag had 2.5 balls of a royal blue virgin wool/nylon blend and a matching blue-ish boa fur yarn. About enough for a scarf. I decided that I’d do stripes of each yarn until I ran out or until it was almost too long to be a scarf. I started with the fur to make it look like fringe on the bottom (just straight single crochet since you can’t see any stitch definition), then switched to the wool/nylon blend and a single crochet, chain alternating pattern. After doing about 3 inches of the blend, I decided that I needed to use up that yarn fast! I didn’t really enjoy it, and I wanted to be finished with it as soon as possible. So I ditched the stripes and now there’s boa fur fringe only on the ends. I’ll take pictures and post them, because despite not liking the yarn, it turned into a pretty nice looking scarf. The wool/nylon blend will keep the recipient nice and warm.

The scarves that we crochet benefit the Pittsburgh Women’s Shelter. This season to date, we’ve made over 50 scarves (can’t remember the exact number -it could be much higher). But that’s with yarn donated in November. We haven’t even begun to make a dent in the yarn donated in February! Stay tuned for more crocheting on the fly!


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