February 20, 2008

With a little Puck…

Posted in Kitties tagged at 8:03 pm by Rebecca Crochets

Puck is our new kitten, and he loves yarn! The other cats have never been too interested in the yarn and I could leave it out in my craft room, in my project bag, on the coffee table (though the husband always hated that – sometimes the yarn pile would hinder the operation of the tv’s remote control), on the bookcase in the living room, wherever I had recently been working.

It came as a surprise then when we came home one day and discovered the yarn that had been sitting on the coffee table, had been unraveled and had made two trips around the living room, dining room, and kitchen. After that night, I learned to be more careful with where I left my yarn.

Apparently, I have much to still learn. Like you can’t leave the craft room door open or think that a certain bookshelf is too high for a cat to reach, because if there is one ball, no matter how well buried in the bottom of a bag, it will disappear only to reappear later with a ton of black, cat fur all over it. Often I don’t even realize it’s missing, until it resurfaces later in very bad shape.

Now, I must admit it’s cute to see Puck trotting around with his latest “kill” hanging from his mouth. But one cannot encourage this behavior. I just do not have enough yarn for that. (Don’t listen to my husband who says otherwise.)

Puck slays the wild yarn ball

I’d be a mean mommy though to deny him one of his favorite things. So, snuggling near the yarn, has now been deemed acceptable.

Puck snuggling with mommy’s yarn

Too cute! Who can deny this face?

What a cute boy!


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  1. Robyn said,

    I know I couldn’t take yarn back from that cute little face!

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