January 30, 2008

Saved by the cell

Posted in Robyn's samples at 9:06 pm by Rebecca Crochets

Cell phone, that is.

Brought the digital camera to work, thinking I’d take some pictures of Robyn’s cropped cardigan over my lunch break with the beautiful natural sunlight available on a wintry Pittsburgh day. Camera, Check. Batteries, Check. Battery charger, ’cause who knows when it was last used, Check. Good planning ahead, Rebecca. Well done. This is coming together for you.

Except, after you’ve taken the photos, how do they get on the computer? DOH! Yep. I forgot the cable to connect the camera to download them. Oh well, it really wasn’t that beautiful a day here in Pittsburgh anyway.

Here’s where the cell phone saves the day. Took a pic, emailed it to myself, downloaded it, and here you are!

Robyn’s Cropped Cardigan

Unfortunately, the cell phone camera really does not produce the most true colors, and it doesn’t have a flash. But the project is finished.

This project is for Robyn’s leaflet described on her blog post, where she shares her design process and inspiration. It is made from a nice superwash wool yarn that she will be revealing in the near future. It’s a nice crocheting yarn, and the pattern is super fun! Honestly, I’ve been intimidated to make garments from patterns previously, but Robyn’s patterns are easy to read, sensibly constructed, and really cute! They are the perfect first step into more complex designs for a beginner with all the stitches down. This is also perfect for intermediate and advanced crocheters, because it’s a fun crochet and the pattern stitch is easily memorized.

Oh, and did I mention she’s family? We’re all so proud of her. Now, go check out her blog at Crochet By Faye!

What are you still doing here?


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  1. Courtney said,

    Hey! Happy to find you on the web. Haven’t talked to you in a while, but I’m thrilled to get an update here. Sorry about the hand. We still have to plan out crafernoon…
    PS. I’m so proud of Robyn too.

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