January 23, 2008

No surgery necessary?!?

Posted in Ravelry, Robyn's samples at 8:53 pm by Rebecca Crochets

Here I am blogging again! It’s Wednesday night and I was tempted to write yesterday, too. This is a good sign.   …Though I have to admit I almost forgot, since I got sucked into Ravelry again.

Anyway, the orthopedic surgeon looked at the x-rays, and said “Good news. We’re not going to have to operate.” That NEVER crossed my mind. I almost didn’t go to the doctor, just the numbness creeping up my arm was disconcerting.

I’m in a splint for six weeks, but I can still crochet! I’m working muscles I never knew I had! I’m left to typing one-handed, and I haven’t tried knitting yet, but it isn’t too bad so far.

As I am new to this blogging thing (and the Ravelry), I still need to get myself organized. I must find my digital camera, charge up the battery, and get snapping. I totally wanted to have this blog be about the projects I am working on, and not my medical woes (which are usually nil, except apparently when dressing near a doorknob).

Anyway, my goal for next Wednesday will be to post a picture of the cardigan that I’m currently working on for my cousin, Robyn. I basically just have to weave in the ends and this sample is finished! Check out her blog entry about the inspiration and her design process for this piece. And let me say, it was a fun crochet!

Till next time!


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