January 16, 2008

Sometimes life gets in the way…

Posted in Ravelry tagged , at 7:49 pm by Rebecca Crochets

I’ve been reading knit and crochet blogs for well over a year, and I’ve had two general thoughts about blogging:

-They look like they’re having a lot of fun, showing off their projects, making friends, and getting feedback and compliments.


-It must take an incredible amount of time to write an entry (if they’re anything like me), and then do it everyday!! …with pictures, too! That’s just crazy! Who are these people and where do they get the motivation to set aside time to do this??!?!?

One of my favorite bloggers posts everyday. Besides the content, one of the reasons I like her blog is because she posts everyday. I know, I know, my first and last post was August 15th. Obviously I have great insight into the blogging thing when it comes to others. And, yes, I too, can’t stand it when I’m all excited to check out a certain blog topic from someone I’ve never read before, and they haven’t posted anything new for months. Hypocrite, I am.

I did have these reservations about maintaining a blog, and that’s why I never started one. I wondered -and decided I didn’t- have the ability to be so disciplined. Wasn’t I right! Then, I got my Ravelry invite (see my meager prior post) and knew I had to step out into this blogging world and try it myself, even with doubts about my abilities.

Then life got in the way… I had crocheting to do, some knitting to finish, cats to feed, a husband to entertain (you’d think that if they were bored, they could just find something to fix or paint or whatever), employers to continuously convince to send me a paycheck (it’s called work. and they actually want you to do it AT work!), grad school to start, a Yarn Ball to help organize, crochet groups to go to, yarn to buy, family to phone, a few holidays thrown in… You know, STUFF. TO DO. LOTS OF IT.

Anyway, last weekend, I attended a seminar on writing research articles for peer-reviewed journals, and one of the messages that I understood all too well, was that if you’re waiting for a week where there will not be much going on so that you can do the manuscript, you will never get any writing done because that week will never arrive. (That’s the truth!) The presenter suggested setting aside a regular time to write, or a daily word count goal (It appears the Yarn Harlot tries this method.). I’ve decided to try once a week, Wednesday night. That was the other suggestion she gave us, announce your intentions to somebody so they can ask you about it every time they see you. Well, you heard it here.

…And here I am. It’s Wednesday night, and I’m blogging. So, nah! Here’s the really funny thing: On Sunday, I gracefully (or was that not-so-gracefully) smashed my hand into a glass doorknob in our house, and apparently, the doctor tells me, I have fractured the fifth metacarpal on my left hand! It’s not ridiculously painful, but I am scheduled to see the orthopedic hand specialist tomorrow to make sure I haven’t ruined it for life. And yet, I blog. How ’bout that! Maybe setting a goal is a good idea!

…Tune in next week when we see if Rebecca’s good intentions are only that! And will they amputate her crocheting arm? AAAHHHH!!!!!!


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